How to Become an Insurance Agent

On January 2, 2013

insurance-agentWith such an unsteady global environment right now, the demand for insurance has increased. Insurance agents have the responsibility of providing help to individuals, families as well as businesses in times of need. They are given the power to form insurance policies that might work out in favor for families in order to protect their health, possessions and their home.

Car insurance agents offer good value for a car owner if an accident occurs. Life insurance agents are there to provide monetary help in the case of bereavement or health related problems. There are several different kinds of insurance that are handed out to customers and are likely to be long term, thus there are certain criteria an individual must fill to become an insurance agent.

They must show a certain level of responsibility and competency in helping others in their hard times. Since insurance companies are there to protect the lives, health and property of individuals, they look for reliable people to hire who can confidently help individuals in times when they might be feeling desperate. College graduates are sought out by insurance companies, and degrees in business or economics are preferred. Some companies are also likely to favor non-graduates if they show a certain level of skill in their secondary education.

Sales expertise is required if one wants to opt for sales representatives, and students who have gone through technical courses about insurance are likely to have an edge over those that haven’t. The latter are given a certain level of training at the agencies if they are hired, since this experience is vital for the individual to survive in the industry. Some students who want to become insurance agents do minor sociology courses as well which also provides an edge for them as insurance agents must be trained in judging the social behavior of individuals to make sure they aren’t being cheated by them.

Training in public speaking is provided to potential insurance agents to increase their competency in working in sales; communications and advertising tools are also given due attention. Although the qualifications for hiring an insurance agent vary from state to state, there are some fundamentals that are required by all insurance companies. The potential agent must sit for a licensing exam, while some states even have pre-licensing and state examinations before one can acquire a license for their particular state. Continual refresher courses and education in the various fields of communication and advertisement is also required after one is in possession of a license. Since tax changes and the economic environment are subject to change so frequently, hopeful agents are required to be on top of any emerging trends to address the needs of their customers.

For agents who have made their way into the industry, it is important to use their public speaking skills and to form a presence through networking and handing out business cards. Although every new insurance agent is likely to face rejection, there will gradually be a time when they will be able to market to people with the required confidence and gusto that might reel them in.

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